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JFrog Artifactory is a global DevOps solution that automates and manages binaries and artifacts throughout the application delivery process, increasing productivity across your development ecosystem. JFrog Artifactory supports build integration whether you are running builds on one of today's popular CI servers, on cloud-based CI servers, or standalone without a CI server. It provides flexibility by supporting over 25 software build packages, all major CI/CD platforms, and DevOps tools you already use.

Artifactory is a Kubernetes-ready platform that supports containers, Docker, Helm Charts, and is your Kubernetes and Docker registry. It also includes full CLI and REST APIs that are customizable to your ecosystem.

It is obvious that a Kubernetes workload will not be efficient without an Artifactory. Prodevans being a strategic partner to JFrog, has designed complex Devops pipelines for its customers to facilitate the agile development of applications and automation. We have set up private Artifactories, Maven repositories, Secured JFrog with reverse proxies and SSL certificates, managed storage and databases and integrated with many other Devops tools such as Jenkins, Teamcity, Udeploy, Git and Kubernetes.

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