We provide Infrastructure which consists of software, hardware, network resources and services required for the management, operation and existence of an enterprise IT environment. High availability, responsiveness and reliability of the IT infrastructure are important to meet the dynamic needs of the business.

We manage your infrastructure using enterprise automation, infrastructure automation, application automation, security and compliance automation. We connect infrastructure, services and suppliers to have an integrated solution across all the operations. We enable the end user to scale up or down the resources. We uses Cloud orchestration technologies like openstack, cloudforms and openshift.

Application Modernization

Red Hat and RDO OpenStack

Deployed Red Hat and RDO OpenStack in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and India Telecom with deployments as complex as 32 computes, 10 CEPH storage with the deployments were orchestrated included features like SRIOV, PCI Pass-through, DPDK and NUMA.

Cloud Forms and VMware VRealize Orchestrator

Self Service Catalogue with multi stack options, Chargeback/Showback, Compliance/ Remediation and Monitoring - ServiceNow ITSM integration, infoblox IPAM integration

Red Hat Openshift

Deployed Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes in Thailand, Malaysia, Australian Banks, University in Singapore and India Banks and Telecoms with deployments as complex as 100 worker nodes.

Deployments were orchestrated using Ansible.