Automation is minimizing the human assistance in a process or procedure. It enables the organization to automate the process by analyzing and recording data from the current application. It transforms the organization from a manual process to a fast, accurate and reliable automation process.


This “Cloud Migration” often raises questions such as “What are the ways to manage network assets in this changing landscape?” The emphasize in automation and cost control. Notwithstanding this, these issues remain unanswered when it comes to realistic implementations and are very frequently ignored. Coming from a company that was born and bred in Cloud, Automation Solutions of Prodevans helps enterprises harness Cloud in a secure, compliant, automated and agile ecosystem.


Highlights of the Automation Platform

Automation using ML

Combining Machine Learning and Rule Engine, an Automation that can predict, classify, heal and run. Customizable service that can be implemented on Customer AWS account for added security End-to-end life cycle control across all regions and any number of AWS accounts at any scale.

Industry Standard Practices

Reduced network operations by addressing holes and automating repetitive tasks. Cloud management through industry standard best practices in AWS infrastructure maintenance. Continuous safety and tracking through intelligent automated / semi-automated daemons. Compliance and governance through industry-specific standards and technology policies

Ansible Network Automation

Ansible's easy automation platform ensures that previously independent network administrators will now speak the same language of automation as the rest of the IT enterprise, expanding Ansible's functionality to include native support for legacy and open network infrastructure tools. Network tools and applications can now be included in the overall automation plan of the enterprise for a holistic approach to network workload management.