Bank deployment of Docker based, SCI app on Open shift in India

goal graphic


New deployment of Openshift Container Platform that will be used for hosting existing XCRO Project(Micro Services Architecture) in Indusind Bank.

The diagram-1 describes the context for OpenShift Container Platform for a core deployment targeted at providing Dev /UAT /Production capability to associated communities within Indusind Bank. In current deployment Openshift Container Platform will be used for XCRO Project(Micro Services Architecture) in Indusind Bank.


The intention is to develop capability as a development environment and from this and the lessons learnt during its deployment, operations and adoption, develop the solution further to cover hosting production applications. The key design demonstrates how the OpenShift service can be configured to support a level of High Availability deployed in a virtualized environment offering a high degree of flexibility in its configuration and enabling the project delivery to modify key architecture features and implement them quickly

Objective graphic