About Prodevans

Prodevans is a leading technology solution provider specialising in end-to-end DevOPs offerings that streamline and automate IT delivery. We specialise in the entire spectre of Cloud Solutions from IaaS, PaaS to StaaS. We strive to offer solutions that are time driven & efficient with a stringent focus on ROI


The annual Red Hat Forum gathers industry experts and key business decision makers from diverse backgrounds for dozens of engaging sessions focused on key trends, best practices, and the latest technology, in areas like big data, IoT, IT modernization, cloud, and mobile.

Highlights at the Red Hat Forum 2019 include:

  1. Red Hat panel discussions and presentations
  2. Red Hat use cases and scenarios addressing critical pain points
  3. Real-world strategies and solutions
  4. Technology and business sessions
  5. Direct networking with Red Hat and its partners

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#RedHat Forum Demo at Prodevans Stall

1 DevOps Assessment Tool 

2 Environment As a code on VMware

3 Environment As a code on AWS

4 DevOps CICD on Openshift

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