Prodevans Openshift Captain

Who is an OpenShift captain?

Captains are the strongest advocates of OpenShift; they are the OpenShift evangelists. They do this by encouraging OpenShift use, participating in events and by sharing their knowledge

What do OpenShift captains do?

They will actively promote the program. They will be arranging, coordinating forums where OpenShift will be discussed. They will contribute and  encourage contributions from participants. They will provide guidance & mentorship when needed. They will share calendars, upcoming events, announcements, features – everything you would expect a strong proponent to do.

Why do organizations need OpenShift captains?

As the leading open source next-generation container platform, OpenShift provides organizations with all the functionality you need to optimize containerization usage with your existing IT resources. OpenShift provides out of the box production grade deployment platform that allows organizations to orchestrate containers at scale.

Organizations can take advantage of the Exclusive & Highly Customized training that will align with their transformation and business goals

The program will also help fill skill gaps & address business priorities

How else does an Organization benefit from the program?
Organization stand to gain by

Receiving Openshift Container Platform best practices 

Having an In-house competency in OCP (Openshift Container Platform)

Getting the container adoption strategy and roadmap

Engagement with a Container expert

What do captains get?

They stand to gain a lot In return for their efforts. They will get high visibility for their contributions on various forums and social media. They will also stand to gain exposure through speaking opportunities. Other benefits include

  1. Paid trip to  Red Hat Tech Expo in APAC (2019 Tech Expo was held in Seoul)
  2. A Lenovo Tablet absolutely free (worth INR 10k)
  3. One OpenShift training seat – worth INR 56K – absolutely free 
  4. One customized Lapel pin just for


How to know what other Captains are up to?

Who delivers the training?

  • The gitHub repo provides all the material that the Captains are working on. In addition, social media presence such as twitter provides another channel of communication. You can also visit their profile pages

 Prodevans delivers training through Certified Red Hat Trainers


Anything specific the Captain has to deliver? Specifically, they need to target the following

  1. One workshop opportunity in your company
  2. Enroll 40 people in that workshop 
  3. Coordinate the workshop successfully
  4. Schedule 4 follow up workshops in a year

What does Openshift look for when selecting captains?

First & foremost, they should be passionate about technology and should have a willingness to learn. They should be working on OpenShift in some capacity. They should strive  to keep themselves up to date on the latest offerings of OpenShift. One specific activity that all are required to do is 

    • Open iVentura Project – iVentura uses OpenDataHub is a framework for building AI/ML functions with OpenShift. By the way iVentura  has plenty of use cases.

How do I become an captain?

Sign up for , let Prodevans know of your interest, share your activities 

On social media and hashtag #OpenShift, get involved in a local meetup as a speaker or organizer and continue to share your knowledge of OpenShift in your community and organization


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