PDCloudEX in Education

PDCloudEX is an Open Source Cloud Solution that is especially crafted for Educational Institutions. It has Pre Configured private cloud platform on OpenStack for Compute, Network & Storage. PDCloudEx comes with an Initial set up with one server that can be scaled up or down on demand.

What can you expect by using PDCloudEx™?

  • Students can provision their own Virtual Machines using the Service Catalog by the click of a button.
  • Using PDcloudEX, Prodevans will set up customized lab as per the requirements. Students will find it very easy to complete their lab assignments.
  • Most Educational institutes need scalable Infrastructure setup. PDCloudEx provides just that
  • Educational Institutes also need Document management system for storing the data. PDCloudEx has provision to do that
  • PDCloudEx is integrated with WebRTC, which is a software that provides Video/Audio Conference Call.